The Cwt-y-Bugail Steam Winder

According to experts this was no run-of-the-mill steam engine, but a valuable historic prototype.  Hence the removal of its rusting remains to safe keeping.

Although I can see the sound reasoning behind this, I cannot help feeling that the Blaenau industrial landscape - which is also equally special - has been diminished in the process.

As with many other features around Blaenau, coming across this industrial artefact in its remote and wild setting, was a truly dramatic and unexpected surprise - very similar to finding The Henry Moores on the Scottish moors.  Except that in Blaenau’s case we are looking at industrial sculpture.  “Art at work” - as I have consistently spoken of, throughout my exhibitions and talks.  Also the thrill of drama too, as illustrated in the below conjectural sketch reconstruction developed from my site studies of August 1999.

It is therefore my hope that in the near future, the void left by the removal of the engine, will be filled either by a similar one of less value, or preferably, by a cosmetic replica.

Anyone who has taken the trouble to toil uphill to see the Rhosydd / Croesor drum house at SH.657.464 or the restored waterwheel at Cwm Ciprwth at SH.525.478, will understand the indisputable value of preserving, as near intact as possible, these precious monuments.

Sketch proposal for restoration