“…Looking back at the early days of Blaenau Ymlaen it is also a good time to recognise Falcon Hildred's early drawings which also emphasised the importance of this historical link.

Falcon's early drawings proved to be a great catalyst for Blaenau Ymlaen to progress and to develop a town centre regeneration project that would deliver for Blaenau.

Falcon had been working on town centre ideas since 1999 until the possibility of moving forward on a town centre scheme first became a possibility in 2006.

He had dedicated hundreds of voluntary hours of work to this project.

It should be said that in a very real sense his initial ideas constituted the kick start for people to get together and discuss a plan for the town centre.

He deserves full credit for his dedication and hard work during this period.

Without the presence of his drawings there would have been nothing in place for the early group to look at and make decisions on.

Below is one of his initial sketches which clearly shows his early realisation of the potential of the Foty axis…”
Below is an extract from a Press Release issued by Blaenau Ymlaen, and printed in a local newspaper on 24th May 2012.  Blaenau Ymlaen is the organisation responsible for the Blaenau Regeneration Project currently being carried out in the town.
To see the two finished designs I handed over to Blaenau ymlaen in 2006 before being changed by them into a sculpture scheme, please view that part of the website.
Full story including all letters and minutes etc., now with my drawings and archive in the National Monuments Record of Wales, Aberystwyth.

29th June 2012.