• Because the beds of slate in Blaenau tilt steeply downwards into the ground the state is mined. Nevertheless, the word quarry is generally used rather than mine.

• Maenofferen was listed Grade II by Cadw as being the most complete example of a Blaenau quarry still using the original system of inclines and tramways.

• At the time of making the drawings, in 1999-2000, the quarry had closed.  Since then deterioration is fast taking hold.

• Where “S” appears after the date and my initials on the drawings, this means “drawn on site”

• It is impossible to convey any real sense of the drama and menacing feel of this confined pit - it has to be experienced in reality.

• As far as I am aware there is no plan to save this wonderful monument to the great slate industry of Wales - nor any of the quarry structures in Blaenau, even though the whole area is a Cadw listed Landscape of Outstanding Historic Interest.
• The image below is a panoramic general view of Maenofferen Quarry - from above the incline into the mine. Note the cranked chimney to the former boiler house, which originally drove the winder. Latterly it was operated by electricity.
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