Relics - set four
1 Domestic laundry items comprising a gas wash boiler, wash board, two types of dolly peg, mop bucket and clothes horse
2 Wheel barrow, much used in restoring the mill, and brazier from Blaenau Coal-yard.
3 Oakeley Quarry manager’s chair.
4 Teaching Aids : model of gate and box of stones - using materials to hand - “I live in a house of sticks and stones”.  Pots made by Carole Shearman at the mill and stamped with a mark (shown enlarged on the drawing) representing the mill and waterwheel.
5 Shavings made from various jobs done at the mill, and including pencil stubs.
6 Window by Kate Morgan (nee Stevens) illustrating the story (told elsewhere) of a mouse caught at the mill.  She made the window as a “thank you” for her stay at the mill as a student.
7 Window grille made from scrap iron.
8 Finial from a signal box in Dolgellau.
9 The Oakeley Hooter.   Described in greater detail elsewhere. Shown here in it’s unrestored condition.
During the 1960s and early 70s many Victorian buildings were being demolished to make way for new developments.
This was when I started my work of recording.  From time to time I was also able to salvage some items as well, although not as many as I would have liked.
As the following pictures show, these are on display in a rough and ready way along one side of the mill.
The photographs of these relics have been divided into four sets for easy viewing.

As shown in some of these photographs, wherever appropriate, relics are displayed alongside drawings and photographs.  This is not only to provide support for each other, but also to try and close the gap between art and artefacts.

PICT3880.JPG PICT3883.JPG PICT3891.JPG PICT3894.JPG PICT3897.JPG PICT3898.JPG PICT3901.JPG PICT3903.JPG Unrestored Oakely Hooter_edited.JPG
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